Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Figure Out Your Healthy Diet Plan

By Roger Michaelson

First it's the Atkins Diet, then it's the Suzanne Summers Diet, then it's the Green Tea diet - are you drowning in a filed of misinformation trying to find your healthy diet plan?

When it comes to a healthy diet plan what you need to remember is that a fad in dieting is just like a fashion fad -here today - gone tomorrow - and usually there is no scientific information that would prove these fads work.

A healthy diet plan never has to be as complicated as many would like to make you believe. I'm a firm believer in simple so if you burn more calories than you eat you are going to loose weight and if you eat more calories than you burn you are going to gain weight. Now how simple is that?

For your healthy diet plan to work it needs to be packed with nutrition and a calorie count that's lower than what you burn. Now you think that would make good sense and fundamentally it does however if you reduce your calorie intake drastically your body is going to panic and go into starvation mode storing everything as fat.

Your healthy diet plan must not reduce your calories more than 500 calories from where you are right now. What you do nee to do however is trade out those fats for healthier choices in the fruits and vegetables category and for heavens sakes remember that if you are having a salad try to keep the dressing calories down.

A healthy diet doesn't restrict any one food group nor does it encourage eating only one food group. Instead you can eat anything you want in moderation including that decadent piece of chocolate cake. But what you do have to do is increase your activity. Increasing activity while reducing calories only slightly is a far more effective way of losing weight long term.

A healthy diet plan will do just that for you. It will retrain the way you think about food it will help you make healthier choices. Calorie count and read labels for awhile but it wont' take long before you won't have to anymore. Once you have retrained your brain you will automatically be drawn to healthy foods and you will know their approximate value. So you see like anything new a little practice and in no time you'll be good as gold.

Of course while you are working on your healthy diet plan you need to also be fine tuning your exercise plan. You need to increase your aerobic workout so that you are burning more calories and you also need to include weight training so that you are toning and building muscle.

A healthy diet plan combined with a healthy exercise program will result in a healthy lifestyle for years to come. You are going to feel great and look fantastic. And with no diet programs to get involved in you'll save your money and your time after all you already have the secret to safe weight loss.

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