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Healthy Dieting in 3 Simple Tips

By Christopher Heffron

Expert Author Christopher Heffron
If you're like me, dieting is a struggle. Chocolate, ice cream, my morning coffee--they are the real enemy. How can we truly make a change when there's such a temptation? Here are a few suggestions for healthy dieting that won't ruin your life.

So, what's really 'healthy'? And how can you change your diet slowly without cutting out your favorite foods? In order for your diet to become your habit, this is essential.

Healthy Diet Tip 1: Keep Your Diet Balanced

This may sound like a no-brainer, but think about what you eat. Do you really eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables? Or 3-5 servings of grain? Doubt it. So, start small. Eat an apple every morning, or a banana after your coffee. Nobody is saying that you have to eat perfect, or even eat less, just smarter.

Healthy Diet Tip 2: Cut Out the Extra Sugar

Added sugars are present in items like cookies, candy, cakes, and beverages (especially soda's and juices!). This sugar can add masses of calories, and can substantially increase your needed exercise time. If you knew that a glass of lemonade every day would add two hours of walking in exercise to balance out, would you drink it? Drink water. At the very least, cut down on your extra sugar intake, by a glass or a cookie each week.

Healthy Diet Tip 3: Chill on the Fat

There is fat in almost everything you eat nowadays, but you can be smart about it. When looking at nutritional information, low fat needs to mean low in trans fat and saturated fat. Your total fat intake for the entire day should be between 20-35 percent of your total calories, and most of that fat should be coming from unsaturated fats, like fish and nuts. If you find yourself eating some foods that are high in saturated or trans fat, do your best to cut out those foods before you do anything else. These foods are heart stoppers, literally.

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